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Air freight to and from Auckland opportunity!

On the 16th June a plane will be going to and then returning from Auckland. This flight is being underwritten by a member of the private sector. If you are interested in exporting or importing goods can you please email Maxi at VCCI Reception ( the following information: Your name Business name Email address Are you exporting or importing? Number of kilos Goods description The rates are still being calculated per kilo and as soon as this is known you will be contacted immediately to finalise details.

We’re Hiring!

The business environment in Vanuatu has undergone rapid and significant changes due to COVID-19. As a result VCCI has expanded its services to include a wider range of business support services and has been engaged to deliver projects related TC Harold recovery on behalf of other organizations. To support this, we’re looking for locally based experts to join the team. Expressions of Interest are open for the following positions. Please see links to the full documents below: Program Management Support (part time, 18 months) – LINK HERE Business and Life Coaching Support (part time, 18 months) – LINK HERE Employers’ Guidebook update and redesign (4-8 weeks) – LINK HERE Please note the applications close on 12th of June 2020

The Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Council Elections 2020

On Tuesday 30 June 2020 the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be holding its Annual General Meeting. At this meeting there will be a total of eight (8) seats on the Council available for members to fill. Did you know? The Council is comprised of 16 members of the private sector, experienced in managing their own businesses and dedicated to advancing their industry sectors. By serving on the Council you will be able contribute to the strategic direction of the VCCI. Recognized for your contributions in the business community, becoming a Council member will enable you to support VCCI in its mission to develop and support economic growth for all business types in Vanuatu. The Council is comprised of 16 elected positions, each…

Important Business News Monday 01 June 2020

Join the Council – 8 Positions to fill at June’s Annual General Meeting Are you asking yourself why you should be interested in this opportunity? Here are just some of the benefits to you of becoming a VCCI Council member. You have a chance to have a say on matters that count. VCCI is here to represent the private sector and advocate and lobby the Government on its behalf. Councillors vote on the key actions that the Chamber takes on and directs its strategy. Through engaging with decision makers in meetings, on boards and working with committees your knowledge about what is going on for the private sector will grow too. Be in the know – in an environment where knowledge is key, at the…

Important Business News Wednesday 27 May 2020

Legal Advice on recent Labour Department directives Due to the escalating number of enquiries by businesses that are concerned about potential changes to employment conditions and directives given by the Labour Department, VCCI engaged a lawyer to clarify the legal position of businesses owners affected.  Below is a summary of the advice we have received in relation to specific cases of businesses being told to rehire employees: Regarding statements that ‘Employers must re-hire staff or place them back onto the payroll and apply for the ESP and pass on the 30,000VT per month’ the Commissioner of Labour ‘has no power in the Employment Act or in any other Vanuatu law to order reinstatement if an employer has otherwise complied with the law’ or ‘deal with…

VCCI shocked at changes to Employment Stabilization Payment criteria

One of the key roles of any Chamber of Commerce is to lobby on behalf of the private sector to ensure that decisions that are being made by the government are in the best interests of all. Saturday’s Daily Post publication of qualified and not qualified business categories was a shock and disappointment to VCCI. Since the announcement the Chamber has received numerous complaints from businesses that are angry and feel they were misled. The ESP was launched 5 weeks ago today, and was promoted heavily by government spokespeople as a payment available to all businesses affected by the economic downturn. We at VCCI believe that to make this payment for only Tourism related businesses is short-sighted, and will lead to many more businesses closing….

Guide to Completion of the Vanuatu Government Employee Stabilization Payment Form

Who can Apply? To make your claim for the Employee Stabilization Payment, you will need to first check with the Ministry of Finance to see if your business license category is qualified, or not qualified. You can do this by visiting their website. If you are qualified, you need to be an Employer with a Bank account and Business License and paying staff VNPF through your company during the month of March. If you do not have these documents or a bank account please obtain them first. Finance will be setting priority sectors to support – those that have been affected by COVID-19. While we do not have the detailed information on sectors yet, we suggest you apply and then finance will let you know…

Disaster Response Skills Register

Do you have disaster response skills and are you in Vanuatu now and willing to support post cyclone TC Harold? If yes, please send an email with the subject TC Harold Response to Note you must include these 3 things in your email: 1. Your name and company name, 2. a brief description of your skill or service that is relevant to cyclone response, 3. Your visa or work status (how you can work legally in Vanuatu). This register will support relief efforts in providing information however is not a guarantee of any employment.

Employment Stabilisation Payment (ESP) form now available

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management has provided VCCI with an electronic form (in Microsoft Excel format) for eligible employers to use to access the Employment Stabilisation Payment. Please note, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management will be providing detailed advice on how the policy will be implemented early next week. Until this has been released no applications will be accepted. Our next steps VCCI will be working on an application guide to be made available to you in 3 languages (English, Bislama and French). This will be available early next week. We will be providing support to businesses in four ways from Wednesday 15 April: Our website will be loaded with all the information you need to apply ( Free call hotline…

Business Link Pacific COVID-19 Subsidy for SMEs in the Pacific Islands

Business Link Pacific (BLP) is supporting the private sector in the Pacific Islands to address the current COVID-19 challenges and prepare for the future. Through its partners, BLP is offering up to 100% subsidy on business advice to mitigate the negative impact of COVID-19 on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). BLP is a New Zealand government programme supporting private sector development in the Pacific Islands. The COVID-19 Subsidy covers up to 100% of services through BLP approved advisors focusing on services that support business continuity, contingency planning, access to available financial packages, refinancing and renegotiating loans and new working setups, such as IT systems, access to communications platforms and cloud-based software. The subsidy package will cover services for up to NZD 5,000 per SME, and…

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