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SME GRANT UPDATE – VCCI Team in Tanna from Monday, 6 June 2020

Business Support heading to Tanna VCCI staff will be in Tanna from Monday 6 June for one week to support businesses that wish to apply for the SME Grant. If you are a Tanna business and have access to the internet now, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the documents at this link: so you are able to prepare the documents required. Information on this trip will be communicated via VCCI Facebook or can be obtained by calling 27543. Please spread the word.

Guide to Completion of the Vanuatu Government Employee Stabilization Payment Form

Who can Apply? To make your claim for the Employee Stabilization Payment, you will need to first check with the Ministry of Finance to see if your business license category is qualified, or not qualified. You can do this by visiting their website. If you are qualified, you need to be an Employer with a Bank account and Business License and paying staff VNPF through your company during the month of March. If you do not have these documents or a bank account please obtain them first. Finance will be setting priority sectors to support – those that have been affected by COVID-19. While we do not have the detailed information on sectors yet, we suggest you apply and then finance will let you know…

Disaster Response Skills Register

Do you have disaster response skills and are you in Vanuatu now and willing to support post cyclone TC Harold? If yes, please send an email with the subject TC Harold Response to Note you must include these 3 things in your email: 1. Your name and company name, 2. a brief description of your skill or service that is relevant to cyclone response, 3. Your visa or work status (how you can work legally in Vanuatu). This register will support relief efforts in providing information however is not a guarantee of any employment.

Employment Stabilisation Payment (ESP) form now available

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management has provided VCCI with an electronic form (in Microsoft Excel format) for eligible employers to use to access the Employment Stabilisation Payment. Please note, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management will be providing detailed advice on how the policy will be implemented early next week. Until this has been released no applications will be accepted. Our next steps VCCI will be working on an application guide to be made available to you in 3 languages (English, Bislama and French). This will be available early next week. We will be providing support to businesses in four ways from Wednesday 15 April: Our website will be loaded with all the information you need to apply ( Free call hotline…

PWD COVID – 19 Respone Plan – Stimulating Employment and Private Sector

Ministry of Infrastructure & Public Utilities (MIPU) & Public Works Department (PWD) last week released the initial infrastructure project details in Direction. 20 which was signed by the Director of the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), Abraham Nasak, to stimulate employment and private sector work in the islands of Efate, Epi, Tongoa and the Shepherds Group. Click here to download the Direction. 20 signed by the Director NDMO

Update on The Vanuatu Government’s Economic & Financial Stimulus Package

Click HERE to download this information in French. Click HERE to download this information in Bislama. Click HERE to download this information in Chinese.   This newsletter contains a lot of important information for employers. We are providing information about the Vanuatu Government’s Economic & Financial Stimulus Package as we know it’s important for your businesses to access this as soon as possible. This includes information regarding taxes, financial support for employers, residency permits and VAT. Please carefully read the relevant sections below and note there are links to supporting documents also. The three core areas VCCI will be engaged to communicate and provide support on are: Tax Relief Employment Stabilization Payment Business Support Program It will take time for the government to finalize methods…

Cyclone Preparation Checklist for Businesses

In preparation for the Tropical Cyclone Harold, the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce & Industry (VCCI) has developed a checklist which you can follow to ensure your business is safe and secure. The more you are able to protect your business and property during cyclones and weather events, the faster you will be able to operate again after the event. Click here to download the Cyclone Preparation Checklist (English) Klikim ples ia blo daonlodem saeklon prepesen jeklis – (Bislama) Cliquez ici pour télécharger la Préparation au cyclone (French)

Update on the Economic and Financial Stimulus Package

The Government is busy working on the implementation of the financial stimulus package now. The aim is to make this available quickly and for it to be as simple and automated as is possible. VCCI is working to support this task on matters for businesses and employees and will be communicating on how this will be implemented in the coming days. We ask you to please be patient. Meanwhile we suggest you keep your records up to date and keep your receipts for payments, payroll and VNPF.

VCCI Covid-19 Information for Businesses, Wednesday 1 April 2020

Vanuatu Government’s Economic Stimulus Package We would like to share with you today the Prime Minister’s overview of the Vanuatu Government’s Economic Stimulus Package. Please find it attached here. We are continuing to work closely with the Government on this and focus has moved now to the detail of how these initiatives will be made available to you, the employers and employees. Please stay connected via the VCCI Facebook page to be updated quickly and access information on this and other matters.   VCCI to provide important employers service via Government 119 Hotline One of the initiatives we are launching to help you in these complex times is a dedicated support person via the Government’s 119 Hotline. The Chamber will be providing staff who…

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