Bisnis Traening

Bisnis Traening

VCCI Binis trening tim I stap blong givhan long yu mo bisnis blong yu.

Mifala I spesolais long saed blong bildimap kapasiti blong ol wokman long samfala bisnis trening compitensi olsem:

  • Faenansol manejmen trening
  • Lidasip mo manejmen
  • Ol skil long saed blong kastoma seves
  • Inovesen blong ol prodak
  • Kwaliti blong ol prodak
  • Ripot raeting
  • Supavison
  • Bisnis resilience mo Continuity planning

VCCI bisnis trening tim I save developem wan trening pakej we I kasem nid blong tim blong yu. Mifala I kat wan reputesen blong dilivarem kwaliti mo inovetif trening woksop long sam long ol claen blong mifala olsem: Port Vila Municipal Council, TVL, Air Vanuatu, mo Iririkki Resort.

Case study

Port Vila Municipal Council

VCCI’s Business Services Unit completed a competency based Leadership and Management Training to the Port Vila Municipal Council (PVMC) targeted to their supervisors and identified future departmental leaders.

PVMC management assessed their in-house capacity within their administration and operations teams, and decided to up-skill their staff in leadership, management and supervision skills with the help of the VCCI.

As a result, twenty participants attended a four day intensive VCCI training program in March 2019 at the PVMC. The training workshop incorporated interactive participant discussions on relevant topics and challenges facing the PVMC operations staff. A key focus of the training was aligning their identified strategic solutions with the PVMC’s operational plans and manuals to achieve their organisational goals.

Feedback from participants was very positive.

“Lo training ia emi very interesting lo mi, mi kam blo understanem se yumi as an individual yumi ol leaders, wanem we me stap mekem every day emi shoem leadership. Nara part is me jus kam blo understanem to coaching and counselling we emi statem how you save finem ol issues we I stap affectem performance blo staff ol friends blo you, mot u finem solutions out lo ol different model.”

All participants who completed their training were awarded a Statement of Completion certificate, and a sense of great achievement.

Contact us

VCCI hemi rere oltaem blong  givhan mo sapotem ol bisnis  long saed blong up-skiling blong ol wokan. Plis fil fri blong kontaktem VCCI trening tim long email: mo kolem mifala long telephone: 27543

Plis jekem ol iven kalenda blong mifala forom ol trening opotuniti.