Operating at different alert levels

As a business you need to know when you can and when you cannot operate, depending on what Alert level we are experiencing.

Below we are providing you information on:

  1. COVID-19 Outbreak alert levels
  2. What are considered essential services
  3. Industry sector guidelines for you to use to develop your own COVID Safe Standard Operating Procedures


Alert Level 0: Low is used when there are no COVID-19 cases in Vanuatu and there is low risk to the community.



Alert Level 1 : Medium is used when a case has been identified in a quarantine facility but there has been no transmission outside.



Alert level 2 : High is used when one or a few cases have been identified outside of quarantine and these are linked to each other (that is, the source of transmission is known).

Very High

Alert Level 3 : Very high is used when there are cases in the community and the source of transmission is not known for some. It is also used when there are increasing numbers of cases.

COVID Safe Standard Operating Procedures

A SOP (or standard operating procedure) is a set of super clear, step-by-step instructions that describe how to complete routine tasks for your business using a COVID safe approach.

A SOP will be required by Government if you intent to apply to operate during Alert levels 2 and 3 / possible lockdown.

Each industry will be different and we would like you to utilise the SOP sector guides that have been developed.

VCCI is working with NDMO to improve the method of applying for essential services passes, however this is not yet completed. SOP’s will be updated with this information when it is complete. Currently you need to contact the NDMO for such passes.

Appendix One

All Standard Operating Procedures refer to Appendix One which can be downloaded here.

What are considered essential services?

The Vanuatu Government considers the following as essential and supporting essential services during an outbreak related lockdown.

Need a list here…

For more information or to check if you are considered an essential service email XXXX

How to get pre-approval to operate in a lockdown

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